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At Bioiberica we engage in strategic collaborations that lead to increased innovation

23 Apr 2024

Our alliances are based on the optimization of each business initiative we pursue and its potential for success. We are looking for compatible companies with a view to better support and drive developments in human, animal and plant health.

We offer our partners more than 45 years of experience in biomolecules, developing and characterizing complex ingredients and APIs of biological origin. Together with them, we combine our regulatory experience, industrial resources, scientific knowledge and development processes to accelerate the delivery of new products and innovative solutions to generate new possibilities in life sciences.

At Bioiberica, we believe that a partnership is an open and honest collaboration and an effective means of accelerating the development and delivery of new and innovative products. Our partners facilitate the advancement of projects in unique areas where additional scientific knowledge, analytical resources, processes and regulatory expertise are required.

We are looking for partners for the Development or Marketing of ingredients or compounds of natural origin for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed or Agriculture areas.


What are the benefits of a partnership?

One of the main benefits of partnerships is the leveraging of resources. Joining forces with another entity allows both parties to access skills, knowledge and technologies that might otherwise be out of reach. This collaboration not only drives innovation, but also allows us to address challenges more effectively.

Collaboration is not just about external resources; it is also about optimising internal processes. It stimulates creativity and innovation by bringing together different perspectives and approaches. By partnering with other companies, you can leverage the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience to drive the creation of innovative solutions. This creative synergy can be the catalyst for the development of unique products or services in the life sciences sector.

We believe in the partnership, as a powerful strategy to accelerate the delivery of new products, through open and complementary collaboration among experts from different areas.

Therefore, we are willing to establish partnerships with pharmaceutical laboratories, peer companies, startups, or scientific institutions that share this strategic mindset.


What is our collaborative model?

As a starting point, we seek to identify market opportunities that are unmet and/or have significant growth potential. Our collaboration model is initially based on an analysis of the gaps and strengths of each company.

We want to create a win-win solution for both our company and our partners, so each agreement is structured to ensure a return on investment for both parties. This approach allows us to build the trust necessary for a long and fruitful partnership.

We also ensure that safety, quality, reliability and resource constraints are taken into account at this stage.


New challenges

Strategic partnership is not just a business trend; it is an essential tool for success in a dynamic and competitive business environment. Multiplying resources, expanding market reach, increasing operational efficiency, mitigating risk and fostering innovation are just some of the benefits that strategic collaborations can offer. Companies that embrace the idea of collaboration are better positioned to meet the challenges and opportunities of the business future.

We are looking for partners for the Development or Marketing of ingredients or compounds of natural origin for the Pharmaceutical, Food, Feed or Agriculture areas. In particular, Bioiberica is actively researching new ingredients in the areas of glycosaminoglycans, complex lipids and proteins of non-recombinant origin (including bioactive peptides and enzymes) and other high value biological molecules such as hormones.

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