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Biotech company Bioiberica joins Cotec Foundation board of trustees

26 Apr 2016
  • Addition expands representation of organizations in the health and life-sciences sector
  • The two organizations agree on the need for an extensive concept of innovation that goes beyond technology, science and the economy

Biotech firm Bioiberica today announced it has joined the board of trustees of the Cotec Foundation for Innovation as a full benefactor trustee, following a meeting between the organizations’ CEOs José Escaich and Jorge Barrero.

In the words of Cotec head Jorge Barrero, “Bioiberica is an exemplary company, firstly in its model of researching products and processes, but also in organizational and managerial aspects”. “Its values are very much in keeping with ours and we are grateful for its valuable contribution to Cotec in this new period”. Joining the board also expands the representation of the health and life-sciences sector, “one of the goals we had prioritized for this year”.

At Bioiberica we understand innovation in its broadest sense and apply it systematically and conscientiously right across our organization. We hope that our modest experience serves to help improve innovation systems and the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises,” said Bioiberica CEO José Escaich.

The Cotec board of trustees, whose president is His Majesty the King, comprises around 60 public and private organizations related to innovation. The Foundation’s new strategic plan anticipates new admissions to the board with leading representatives from the health and pharmaceutical sectors as well as new sectors including textiles, publishing, tourism and electronics, and regional governments that are still not represented.

About Bioiberica

Bioiberica is a biotechnology company specializing in the identification and extraction of biomolecules of high biological and therapeutic value from tissues of animal origin. It is the leading Western producer of heparin (the world’s most commonly used anticoagulant and antithrombotic) and a leader in osteoarthritis and joint health for people and animals. It also specializes in the development and production of high-quality ingredients for farm animal feed and natural products to beat plant stress.

Bioiberica today is the result of a team formed by more than 400 unique professionals who bring their particular strengths to play on constantly innovating and delivering on new challenges. All of its work is based on a human resources philosophy called Bioflow, grounded on positive psychology and seeking to ensure the wellbeing and happiness of all of its staff.

About Cotect

The Cotec Foundation has been distinguished since 1990 for its intensive work at the service of technological innovation among Spanish companies. In compliance with this mission, Cotec focuses on two core activities: acting as an R&D observatory in Spain, and providing analysis and advice on matters regarding innovation, technology and the economy. 

The new-look Cotec is now expanding on its challenges, starting from a more ambitious definition of the concept of innovation. For Cotec, innovation means all changes (not just technological) based on knowledge (not just scientific) that generate value (not just business or financial).

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