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Handling of COVID-19 in Bioiberica

17 Mar 2020

Important corporate statement.

The pandemic spread of the Coronavirus has increased concern about the potential disruption to the manufacture and distribution of goods.

As a life science company, it is our responsibility to keep working to ensure the production and distribution of all our active pharmaceutical ingredients and products, with the highest quality and safety standards, while safeguarding the health of our employees. 

Therefore, we are closely monitoring the situation by keeping in contact with the authorities and with our suppliers in order to protect every aspect of our manufacturing and supply operations and to take steps to prevent impact. We are operating under the restrictions inherent in these circumstances, with part of our staff working from home, while ensuring our activity at productions sites.

Thanks to the commitment of our team, we strive to ensure, as far as possible, supply as usual for our customers and partners.

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This endorses the company's commitment and responsibility to strengthen and consolidate its ethical corporate governance based on the strictest legal and regulatory standards.