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Peer-Review: The first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient for skin & beauty

30 Mar 2023

A new peer-reviewed paper, published in the International Journal of Molecular Sciences, has concluded that Bioiberica’s Dermial® ingredient – the first hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient for skin & beauty innovation – presents anti-ageing, regenerative and antioxidant properties in skin cells. The peer-review further validates the promising potential of Dermial® in the development of cutting-edge products for the growing nutricosmetics space – creating exciting opportunities for brands across the dietary supplement, functional food and cosmetic industries.

Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), such as hyaluronic acid (HA), are an important component of the extracellular matrix found in the skin; proven to maintain skin hydration and regulate cell migration, proliferation and differentiation. With age, GAGs decrease, as well as the concentration and quality of dermis collagen and elastin, leading to loss of skin moisture, dermal thickness and healthy appearance. The study aimed to extract, characterise and evaluate the benefits of Bioiberica’s hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient, Dermial®, at an in-vitro level, for skin and beauty innovation.

The findings of the study showed that Dermial® has a high concentration of hyaluronic acid (67%) and is also composed of other GAGs – like dermatan sulfate – and collagen. The in-vitro evaluation of the ingredient’s biological activity in keratinocytes and fibroblasts provided evidence that it induced cell proliferation and migration and increased the synthesis of collagen type I and III, elastin and GAGs. This suggests that it presents moisturising, regenerative and anti-aging properties. The review also revealed Dermial®’s antioxidant properties in skin cells – the first time the ingredient’s protective role against oxidative stress has been exhibited. Furthermore, the hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient is easily absorbed in the intestine, signalling that it could be used in oral and topical applications for skin care.

Dermial® is a science-backed hyaluronic acid matrix solution with a difference. Its unique combination of three naturally-occurring components – hyaluronic acid, other GAGs such as dermatan sulphate and collagen – work in synergy to nourish the skin at a low dose of 60 mg/day. In addition to the promising aforementioned results, Dermial® has shown a superior effect compared to pure hyaluronic acid from fermentation origin a well-known ingredient in the skin care arena.

“The conclusions of this latest peer-reviewed paper mark an exciting development in the research exploring Dermial® – further verifying the science-based benefits of the ingredient and its potential in nutricosmetics,” says Daniel Martínez Puig, Head of Human Health R&D, Bioiberica. “We can’t wait to unlock exciting opportunities for brands already in or considering entering this market. Following these promising outcomes, our next step will be to carry out a clinical trial to confirm the efficacy of Dermial® in humans.”

Antonio Vendrell, Marketing Director, Bioiberica adds: “The ‘beauty-from-within’ market has witnessed rapid growth in recent years, fuelled by rising consumer interest in overall wellbeing, the holistic health movement and growing awareness that beauty can be achieved from the inside-out via nutrition. Many consumers are taking a more proactive approach to their skin health, making them more open to trying nutritional solutions – including ingestible beauty products. This has created a new space for novel ingredients, like Dermial® - our hyaluronic acid matrix ingredient.”

To learn more about how Dermial® is creating a new realm of possibility in the nutricosmetics market, visit here

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