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Plan Profarma grants “good” qualification to Bioiberica due to its firm commitment to research

1 Mar 2013

Bioiberica has been assigned to the ‘A’ group, which corresponds to companies having their own R&D center and production plant, with a significant volume of research.The biotech company invests close to13% of its profits into R&D, and during 2013 they intend to begin marketing their personalized medicine range of products for osteoarthritis treatment.

The Plan PROFARMA committee of the Ministry of Industry has granted “good” qualification to Bioiberica, thus giving recognition to its efforts and commitment to R&D. For another year, the company remains inside the “A” group, the one which includes companies having their own production plant and an R&D center with a significant volume of research activity.

Bioiberica is a biotech company specializing in the research, development, production and marketing of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industry. During the present year, they will invest close to13% of their profits in R&D; they will also begin marketing their range of personalized medicine products for osteoarthritis treatment. “We have developed the first ever DNA test; a saliva sample will allow one to predict the evolution of knee osteoarthritis. We are also researching osteoarthritis biomarkers that could be highly useful to diagnose and predict the disease’s evolution”, declared Dr. Josep Verges, Medical and scientific director at Biobérica.

“At Bioiberica, innovative research is made possible by a highly specialized, deeply committed team. Having kept, for one more year, the “good” qualification, and thus keeping within the A group, it supposes great credit for us all”, adds Josep Escaich, Bioiberica’ managing director.

The PROFARMA Plan is a joint initiative of the following ministries: Industry, Tourism and Trade; Healthcare and Social Policies; Science and Innovation. Its aim is to increase the amount of research carried out in our country. The classifications are revised every year, and take into account industry, economical and R&D aspects of our country’s pharmaceutical laboratories. 

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