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We are astonished at the current lack of attention to osteoarthritis”. Correo Farmacéutico interviews Josep Escaich

21 Oct 2011

The general manager of Bioiberica highlighted his company’s commitment to a comprehensive approach to the treatment of osteoarthritis: prevention, chondroprotector drugs, and personalized medicine. Together, all these elements improve the patients’ quality of life.

Correo Farmacéutico devoted his weekly "Companies" section to Bioibérica. In an interview given to this specialized newspaper, Josep Escaich, Bioiberica´s general director, analyzed the current crisis in the pharmaceutical sector and highlighted the need of searching for new opportunities and to adapt ourselves to the new rules of play. Moreover, Escaich defended Bioiberica Farma’s comprehensive approach to osteoarthritis as the right strategy to improve the patients’ quality of life.

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