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At the 19th AEMEF Conference, Dr. José María Villalón presented the latest scientific review on the efficacy of Tendoactive

25 May 2015

The conference of the Spanish Society of Football Team Physicians, the most noted professionals in this field, will gather for two days in Valencia
The presentation on the efficacy of Tendoactive for the treatment of tendinopathies took place on the 25th of May at 09:15 am

The aim of the 19th Conference of the AEMEF is to provide updates to sports and trauma specialists in both general sports practice and for professional football players’ injuries.

The treatment and prevention of muscle and tendon injuries will be the leading theme of the conference, since these are the most frequent injuries affecting football players. Sports medicine professionals treating football players are always looking for tools that prevent injuries such as adductor tendinitis, one of the most frequent injuries among footballers.

Tendoactive supplements have been proven to be effective; when combined with correct diet and training, they help prevent tendon and joint injuries.

All this was discussed by Dr. José María Villalón, a specialist in orthopedic surgery and trauma from the Club Atlético de Madrid medical team, who presented a scientific review of the efficacy of Tendoactive for the treatment of tendinopathy at the symposium dedicated to muscle and tendon that took place on the 25th of May at 09:15 am at the Hotel Barceló in Valencia.

In addition, Dr. Villalón will present a lecture on the implementation of personalized medicine in joint health and the clinical uses of the Arthrotest genetic test in sports medicine. Arthrotest is the first genetic test used to predict knee osteoarthritis by means of a saliva DNA sample. Since the professional football player’s profile has an elevated clinical risk to develop knee osteoarthritis, determining his genetic risk through Arthrotest may be of great use to set up a personalized joint health care procedure.