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Arthrotest by Bioiberica Farma awarded the 2013 Best Ideas in Healthcare prize by Diario Médico

19 Nov 2013

It is the first DNA test that predicts predisposition to rapid progression knee osteoarthritis.This award recognizes the research and innovation of the Spanish biotech company Bioiberica Farma, as well as their contribution to the improvement in the quality of life of Osteoarthritis (OA) patients.

Barcelona, November 19, 2013. Bioiberica Farma’s Arthrotest has been awarded one of the “2013 Best ideas in Healthcare” prizes in recognition of their innovative approach and their contribution to the improvement in the quality of life of OA patients. The specialized publication Diario Médico gives these awards to acknowledge the daily work of those persons, institutions or enterprises that contributed to the improvement of medicine, healthcare and public health during the previous year.

Arthrotest is the first DNA saliva test that predicts the genetic predisposition of a patient to suffer rapidly developing knee OA. It began to be marketed this past May. It’s a unique product that allow physicians to identify worst prognostic patients that have higher risk of needing prosthetic surgery within a short timespan.

This new prognostic tool was one of the winners in the category “Research and Pharmacology”. This test was the result of a multicenter, four year long clinical trial involving 281 primary knee OA patients, 31 Spanish healthcare centers, and professionals specializing in different fields (rheumatologists, primary care physicians, rehabilitation experts and orthopedic surgeons).

This award recognizes the innovation and research of Bioiberica Farma, a Spanish company specializing in joint healthcare. The award was presented to the two leading researchers in this project: Dr. Josep Vergés, Bioiberica’s medical and scientific director, and Professor Francisco J. Blanco, rheumatologists at the University Hospital Juan Canalejo, Corunna.