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Bioiberica and functional foods

20 Mar 2009

Bioiberica is a company with over 30 years of experience in the field of joint health and provides solutions to joint problems such as osteoarthritis, discomfort prior to the development of a disease, movement problems, and joint wear in sportspeople.

Bioiberica integrates all its processes: every step from producing active ingredients to manufacturing and marketing the finished products is done in-house. Bioiberica’s products range from pharmaceutical treatments for osteoarthritis to food supplements that improve joint health.


More people are experiencing joint problems and there is a growing interest in finding nutrition-based solutions to health problems. This, combined with Bioiberica’s experience in joint health, has led the company to develop a new line of products for the food market.


At the 12th Food Studies Meeting on Health and Chemistry, which was held at the Instituto Químico de Sarriá in Barcelona and focused on Healthy Ingredients, Bioiberica presented its new line and the first product to be launched.


With this new line, Bioiberica has made an important advance in finding solutions to joint problems. The product line of nutrition-based solutions complements the company’s existing lines of pharmaceutical treatments and food supplements.