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Bioiberica to be present at the Sports Expo at the 39th Barcelona Marathon

8 Mar 2017
  • Next Sunday, March 12th the Zurich Marathon will be held in Barcelona. As usual, the Sports Expo will take place during the preceding two days
  • This edition commemorates the 25th anniversary of the Barcelona Olympics and the organizers hope to surpass 20,000 registered runners, thus recognizing the Barcelona race as one of the five European marathons with the largest attendance


Bioiberica’s Human Health Division will be present on 10 and 11 March at the Sports Expo of the Barcelona Marathon (booth B02) to present their range of specialized products for sportspersons:

  • Articollagen is a food supplement based on collagen, magnesium and Vitamin C. It also includes Mobilee, an ingredient that improves the joints’ mobility and reinforces the muscles. 
  • Hialsorb Cold is a menthol-based cream, with chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid, which reduces joint pain and inflammation caused by sprains and muscle fatigue. It is also effective against bruises and swelling, improving mobility by 70%.
  • Tendoactive is a food supplement, having demonstrated success in various clinical and scientific studies. It accelerates recovery from tendon injuries, reducing pain and improving mobility. It is made of natural components and has no secondary effects.

Furthermore, at 4 pm on Friday the 10th in the central area of the Sports Expo, Montserrat Cabanes, a physiotherapist specializing in joint care, will give a lecture on recovery of muscle and joint fatigue after marathon races. This talk is part of the schedule of lectures at the Marathon.

For this year’s edition, the Barcelona Marathon joins the commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the 1992 Olympics and hopes to yet again achieve over 20,000 registered runners, thus recognizing the Barcelona race as one of the marathons with the largest participation in all of Europe.

BIOIBERICA has had the privilege to talk with one of the organizers and driving forces behind this project: Joan Porcar. This journalist, pilot, adventurer and businessman was the first Spaniard to participate in the Dakar Rally. In the following video he offered some advice for the participants, as well as explaining to us what sports mean in his life.

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