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Bioiberica develops the first DNA test to determine genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia in dogs

16 May 2012

The new device allows to identify genetic markers associated to hip dysplasia in dogs of all ages through a simple blood test Dysgen makes it possible to give every dog individualized monitoring and treatment, adjusted to their risk of developing hip dysplasia.

Dysgen BioibericaBioiberica Veterinaria has developed, after years of research, Dysgen, the first DNA chip that allow to identify genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia in dogs of all ages. Dysgen supposes an important advance in its field-using a simple blood sample, it can simultaneously detect seven genetic markers associated to hip dysplasia. Having that information before the onset of the first clinical symptoms of hip dysplasia will allow veterinarians to take preventive measures to delay its development.

Dysgen has been available for Labrador Retriever dogs since November 201- in the near future it will be available for other canine breeds. Although hip dysplasia is a complex hereditary disease (it is called ‘complex’ because there are more than one gene involved in its development) Dysgen evaluates the more relevant genetic markers associated to that disease and reports if the dog carries the risk variant for every one of them. By means of a predictive mathematic model, Dysgen classifies dogs according to its level of genetic predisposition to hip dysplasia: risk can be minimum, low, medium, or high. Finding out that level of risk will be decisive to devise early, individualized treatments for every dog.