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Bioiberica Farma Launches “The Chondroprotection Blog”- an online discussion forum for osteoarthritis professionals

30 Mar 2012

This blog contains up-to-date information on osteoarthritis-treatment, publications, latest advances in research. It is also an online discussion area that encourages the participation of all healthcare professionals.It is hosted in the website, a dedicated portal for healthcare professionals who specialize in osteoarthritis.

Barcelona, March 30, 2012. Healthcare professionals who specialize in osteoarthritis have now a new online meeting point to discuss about this disease: the “chondroprotection blog”. A project by Bioibérica Farma, its main objectives being the dissemination of news, research and events related to osteoarthritis, as well as encouraging specialists in this field to participate in online discussion.

The Chondroprotection Blog is hosted in the website. The Chondroprotection Blog represents one more improvement, as it adds bidirectional communication and users’ participation to our site. As happens in the Bioibérica website, our blog’s contents are selected and elaborated by an editing team formed by specialists. They follow strict objectivity and truthfulness procedures, specially designed for a highly specialized audience of healthcare professionals. 

Dr. Josep Vergés Milano, head of Bioiberica’s medical and scientific department, affirms that “this blog is an evolution which will lead to improved communication between healthcare professionals-now, we have moved from informing only, to setting up a new communication channel that will encourage the participation of all specialists and everyone with an interest in osteoarthritis, thus creating a wealth of shared knowledge.

Users can visit “The Chondroprotection Blog” through the URL or follow our Twitter account, @Condronews

About Biobérica Farma
Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. These are the main objectives of Bioberica Farma, the only Spanish company specializing in the research and development of efficient drugs and methods for a comprehensive approach to the treatment of osteoarthritis. Bioiberica Farma is a company of reference worldwide in chondroprotection, that is, in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cartilague, synovial membrane and subchondral bone injuries.

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