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Bioiberica Farma’s Arthrotest - a finalist in the MIHealth Forum Awards

28 Jun 2013

• Dr. Verges, Medical and Scientific Director of Bioiberica, presented our project during the second MIHealth Forum congress, held in Barcelona. • It is the first genetic test that predicts knee osteoarthritis progression, allowing physicians to recommend personalized treatment and to act on the disease, delaying or preventing the need for prosthetic surgery, thus improving their patient’s quality of life. • These awards recognize the most innovative projects and initiatives currently being developed in the field of social healthcare.

Barcelona, June 28, 2013. Bioiberica Farma was listed as a finalist in the MIHHealth Awards-these prizes recognize the most innovating initiatives and projects currently under development in the field of social healthcare.

Bioiberica presented its Arthotest project, the first genetic saliva test to find out the genetic predisposition of a patient to the suffering of rapid evolution knee osteoarthritis. This test was developed by Bioiberica Farma’s R&D. It is a unique product that allows physicians to identify worst prognosis cases that are at elevated risk of having to be subjected to prosthetic surgery within a short period of time.  

Dr. Josep Vergés, Bioiberica’s Medical and Scientific Director, explained the scientific basis of the test and its clinical usefulness during the congress held in Barcelona: “These results help to raise awareness among physicians and patients about this disease, so that they can act together. If a patient knows that his or her osteoarthritis will develop rapidly, he will take pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatment measures more seriously, as well as his or her doctor’s recommendations. Furthermore, they will probably need to be subjected to more frequent monitoring.” Arthrotest has been on the market since last May.