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Bioiberica launches Articolageno™, the first-ever collagen containing a natural, patented ingredient that improves joint mobility and strengthens musculature

21 Sep 2016
  • Articolageno™ is a food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen and magnesium which contains Mobilee™, a nutritional ingredient with scientifically proven beneficial effects for joint health 
  • Mobilee™ improves joint mobility by stimulating the body’s own natural production of hyaluronic acid. Its efficacy and safety has been proven by more than 10 studies 
  • The company, which has more than 40 years of experience in joint and osteoarthritis healthcare, is developing a range of products for the care of joints of people leading a healthy, active lifestyle

Bioiberica will launch Articolageno™, the first ever food supplement based on hydrolyzed collagen and magnesium which contains Mobilee™, a natural, patented ingredient which is rich in hyaluronic acid and that has been scientifically proven to improve joint mobility and reinforce musculature. 

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our body –it is calculated that it makes up approximately 30% of the total protein content of our body-, and carries out a number of important functions in our body. It helps preserve the elasticity and strength of skin, hair, bones, muscles, as well as cartilage in joints. This is why it is an effective and safe tool with which to prevent and treat the symptoms of the diseases affecting the locomotor system.

After the age of 30, the body begins to experience a number of metabolic changes-one of these is a decrease in our capacity to produce collagen. Within one year, we lose around 1% of that protein, and, in older people, there is a drastic decrease of up to 60%. “In recent times, the consumption of collagen in the form of food supplements is becoming popular thanks to its capacity to stimulate the production of that protein, counteracting the body’s deficiencies. What makes Articolageno™ different is the fact that it is the first nutritional supplement ever to include Mobilee™, a patented, scientifically proven ingredient”, explained Daniel Martínez, head of Human Health R&D at Bioiberica. 

Mobilee™ is a patented, natural ingredient which is rich in hyaluronic acid, polysaccharides and collagen that has been granted “Novel Food” status by the European Commission and GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) by the United States. This is the first ever nutritional ingredient that improves the mobility of joints and muscle strength that can be added to everyday consumption products. “As a specialized company in joint health, Bioibérica understood that addressing joint problems should be done also from nutrition. So we decided to develop an ingredient that would respond to that need”, explained Martínez.

Ten scientific studies have proven that Mobilee™ improves joint mobility, pain and inflammation, increases muscle strength and even modifies the expression of genes associated with joints and connective tissue. 

Articolageno™ is recommended for all persons who want to lead a healthy, active lifestyle but have joint issues. Recent studies concluded that more than 40% of the population aged 45-65 suffers from joint pain. We see that problem daily in our medical offices,” commented Dr. Ingrid Möller, rheumatologist and Director of the Poal Institute in Barcelona.