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Bioiberica to participate at the 18th SAMEM Congress in a round table dedicated to osteoarthritis

13 Feb 2018
  • On February 16, the congress will host a session to discuss women and osteoarthritis
  • Scientist will present two lectures in which Bioiberica collaborated

The 18th National Congress on Women’s Health and Medicine will be held on 14-16 February at the Museum of the Real Casa de la Moneda in Madrid. This event, hosted by the Instituto Palacios de Salud de la Mujer, has been held 17 times, with more than 14 000 healthcare professionals in attendance, including family physicians, gynecologists, pharmacists, midwives, and various healthcare professionals with an interest in women’s health.

Osteoarthritis, being one of the most frequent joint diseases, highly prevalent during menopause, will be one of the highlights of the round table to be held on Friday, the 16th, at 08:45 am. This round table will consist of two symposia: the first one, entitled “Can collagen improve muscle strength? New evidences”, will be presented by Dr. Santiago Palacios, while the second one, “Tendinopathies in women and new treatment options”, by Dr. Aldara Rodríguez Garzón. Both lectures will discuss scientific studies focusing on prophylactic measures to prevent osteoarthritis, in which Bioiberica collaborated.

Both tendinopathies as well as loss of muscle mass and strength can be defined as the initial prior stages of a chronic disease such as osteoarthritis. Therefore, it is of the upmost importance that the new therapeutic measures focus on the prevention and treatment of these stages, before they can derive into more severe or chronic phases.

Along with their pharmaceutical products for the treatment of osteoarthritis, Bioiberica will present their dietary supplements for the improvement of joint mobility at booth number 16 of the exhibitors’ area. More precisely, visitors will be provided with complete information on complements such as Articolágeno®, which is based on collagen, magnesium, Vitamin C and Mobilee®, and Tendoactive®, which includes a specific formulation for tendons.