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Bioiberica to participate at the 2nd OAFI International Meeting of Osteoarthritis Patients

9 Oct 2018
  • This meeting will be held in Barcelona during the days prior to the World Arthritis Day
  • At Bioiberica’s booth, the 600+ registered patients will have the opportunity to learn about our solutions for joint healthcare and mobility, and find out their true “joint age”
  • On October 9, Bioiberica will host a workshop in osteoarthritis for community pharmacists

On 9-10 October, Barcelona will host, at the Auditori Axa-L’Illa Diagonal, the 2nd International Meeting of Osteoarthritis Patients. This event will be held during the days prior to the 12th of October, World Arthritis Day. Osteoarthritis is one of the most prevalent rheumatic diseases, affecting 300 million patients worldwide. In the past 30 years, the number of OA cases has doubled, and patients are increasingly young. OAFI, the organizer of the event, pointed out that “obesity, ageing and the incorrect practice of sports, such as football and running, are among the major causes of this increase”. 

Bioiberica, being a company specializing in the research and production of biomolecules for joint Health, could not miss an event whose objective is to highlight osteoarthritis, as well as to gain visibility for the persons suffering from this condition. 

Bioiberica’s booth, thanks to their joint age calculator, will offer their guests the possibility to calculate their real joint age. The gift bag given to all attendees will include a voucher card that can be traded for a free sample of Articolágeno at our booth. 

In addition, Bioiberica will also host a workshop focusing on the professionals having most frequent contact with osteoarthritis patients: the community pharmacist. The Osteoarthritis workshop will take place on 9 October from 2-3 pm. Hosted by Mrs. Paqui Moreno, president of SEFAC Catalunya, and Dr. Josep Vergés, president of the OAFI Foundation, the workshop will discuss “how to attend osteoarthritis patients”. Both the OAFI international meeting and the community pharmacists’ workshop are free. Everyone interested can register online at the OAFI website, or by telephone.