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Bioiberica to participate at the 39th SEMERGEN Congress, strengthening their collaboration with primary care research

19 Oct 2017

The PICASSO study, an important clinical trial at the social and the research levels, will be presented during that congressBioiberica sponsors two scholarships for the best work in osteoarthritis research

The 39th National Congress of the Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians (SEMERGEN) will be held in Granada, Spain, on 25-28 October 2017, and will have a portion focused on osteoarthritis.

During this congress, the evolution and design of the ongoing PICASSO clinical trial will be presented. This is the first ever trial evaluating the efficacy of the combination of chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine in hand osteoarthritis patients. It is important to note that this research was carried out thanks to the direct collaboration between the three existing Spanish primary care Societies: SEMERGEN, semFYC and SEMG, with Bioiberica as sponsor of the study. This is the first time ever in which these three societies have joined forces to carry out a study such as this one.

As commented by Marta Herrero, head of clinical development at Bioiberica’s Human Health Division, ”The PICASSO study shows the importance of osteoarthritis in the daily clinical practice of the primary care physician, and it is an example of the clinical research potential of the family doctors, as well as the commitment of Bioiberica with that research”.

In addition, during the Congress there will be a training course in osteoarthritis treatment. It will be the workshop “Osteoarthritis and associated disorders: how should we treat our patients?, given by Dr. Francisco Martínez García, family physician at the Astorga Healthcare center in Leon and coordinator of the Working Group for Locomotor diseases of the SEMERGEN, and by Dr. Sergio Giménez Basallote, family physician at the Clinical Management Unit of El Limonar in Málaga and member of the SEMERGEN Working Group for Locomotor diseases.

This workshop will be held twice: on Thursday, October 26, from 12:30 to 14:00, and Friday, October 27, at the same hour.

Everyone interested in getting firsthand information about Bioiberica’s solutions for joint care will be able to do so at booth number 53 in the exhibitors’ area. 

SEMERGEN and Bioibérica Awards

Bioibérica is also working with SEMERGEN to promote osteoarthrosis research and renewal courses for primary care physicians. As part of these efforts, the company has sponsored two awards for the best research in this field, which were given out at the final event of the congress.

The award for best oral communication among general practitioners went to Características clínicas de los pacientes diagnosticados de gonartrosis en Atención Primaria (Clinical traits of patients diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the knee in primary care) by Dr Félix Suárez of the San Roque Health Centre (Badajoz), Dr María José Gamero of the San Fernando Health Centre (Badajoz), Dr Ignacio Araujo of the Jaraíz de la Vera Health Centre (Cáceres) and Dr Javier Sánchez of the Talavera la Real Health Centre (Badajoz).

The award for the best communication among residents went to the Mapa de artrosis en zona básica urbana (Map of osteoarthritis in the basic urban zone) by Dr María Ajenjo of the San Andrés del Rabanedo Health Centre (León), Dr Mencía Muñoa of the Cuenca de Bernesga Health Centre (León), and Dr Lidia Alvarado, Dr Silvia Ondicol, Dr Sabrina Anselmi and Dr Jaime López de la Iglesia of the Condesa Health Centre (León).