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Bioiberica presented the latest updates in the research projects being carried out in collaboration with FC Barcelona Foundation and the Leitat Technological Center

25 Oct 2016

The presentation took place during the workshop of the Muscletech Network held in the Camp Nou in early October 
The aim of these lectures is to create a network of international awareness and support for research in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of muscle and tendon injuries

On October 3-4, Bioiberica sponsored a workshop held by Muscletech Network, the network of experts on muscle-skeletal diseases, disorders and injuries organized by the Leitat Technological Center and by the FC Barcelona Foundation. Within this context, there were presented the first results of the joint research projects carried out by these three entities after the signature of a collaboration agreement this past year.

The first study was presented by Dr. Mario Marotta, who discussed the efficacy of a treatment combining chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine for the recovery of a muscle injury in a previously validated murine model. The research findings proved that a daily treatment with chondroitin sulfate and glucosamine improved fatigue recovery and muscle strength in rats with injured internal calves, thus suggesting a potential therapeutic role in sports medicine for these compounds.

The second research project was presented by Dr. Guillermo Quintàs, and dealt with the identification of biomarkers to detect muscle fatigue and recovery capacity in elite sportspersons. As explained by this paper, oxidative stress in sportspersons can be identified through a series of metabolic biomarkers. These biomarkers could be used to monitor the physical fitness or capacity for recovery of the sportsperson, with the aim of designing training programs that would allow them to maintain a high performance during an entire sporting season.

Both studies present interesting points of view to deepen investigation on the prevention and treatment of muscle injuries, as well as to improve sportspersons’ performance.