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Bioiberica presented the results of several new studies on Mobilee and Tendoactive at the 7th MuscleTech Network Workshop, the largest conference specializing in muscle and tendon care

14 Oct 2015
  • MobileeTM was presented as a new therapeutic option for muscular atrophy, improving joint function in patients with mild knee pain
  • TendoactiveTM supplements, combined with a passive stretching plan, are proved to improve Achilles heel’ tendinopathy

This past 7-9 October, Bioiberica presented their three most recent studies on supplementation for the improvement of muscular function and the treatment of tendinopathies on the occasion of the 7th MuscleTech Network Workshop. This international meeting gathering the most noted specialists in muscle and tendon diseases in Barcelona, and was hosted by Aspetar, FC Barcelona, ECOSEP and Leitat.

The first of the three studies presented was an in vitro study carried out in muscle cells treated with MobileeTM, in collaboration with the Department of Physiology of the University of Melbourne, Australia. The results showed the potential anabolic effect of this functional ingredient, which is rich in hyaluronic acid, other polysaccharides and collagen. More precisely, this compound could be a potential new therapeutic solution capable to prevent muscular atrophy- it promotes myogenesis, and has anticatabolic effects that would prevent tissue destruction. The study highlighted the potential use of MobileeTM for the prevention of muscular atrophy caused by disuse atrophy, sarcopenia and similar diseases.

They also presented a meta-analysis of two parallel, double blind, placebo-controlled randomized clinical trials, carried out in collaboration with experts from the Rovira I Virgili University from Reus and the Nutrition and Health Technological Center (CTNS, Centro Tecnológico de Nutrición y Salud). Bioiberica presented the benefits of this ingredient in the muscular function of patients with mild knee pain. The results of this study demonstrated that the long term consumption of a milky, low-fat product supplemented by MobileeTM improves muscular strength and synovial fluid effusion, as well as reducing pain. This provides clear benefits for patients with mild knee pain, especially for men older than 50.

In addition, they presented the latest study on the efficacy of combining the food supplement TendoactiveTM with a passive stretching plan for the treatment of Achilles heel tendinopathy. In a randomized, clinical and controlled trial, TendoactiveTM has been proved to provide benefits in terms of pain and function, especially in patients with reactive tendinopathy. The combination of a program of passive stretching with TendoactiveTM has proved to be as effective as a program of eccentric exercises for the management of Achilles heel tendinopathy, providing additional benefits in terms of structural recovery of the tendon, especially during the early stages of the disease.