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Bioiberica with the Spanish sportspeople in the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

6 Sep 2016

The Spanish Olympic Committee appreciated Bioberica’s supply of Tendoactive, Hyalsorb and Physicool products, which reduce pain and inflammation and accelerate injury recovery

The athletes that participated in the Rio Olympics had special care directed to their joint health thanks to the Siempre en Play products, Bioiberica’s range for improved joint mobility.

More precisely, the athletes used Tendoactive for tendinous pain and tendinopathies, Hialsorb Creme to reduce pain and inflammation after overexertion, and Physicool for the treatment of pain and injuries through cooling and compression. 

Upon the conclusion of the Olympic Games, this past 22nd of August, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee gave the Spanish participation in the Games an outstanding evaluation: a “10” rating after earning a total of 17 medals. Furthermore, the medical service of the Rio 2016 Spanish Olympic team conveyed to Bioiberica their appreciation for supplying healthcare products to treat the Spanish sportspeople that participated in the games.