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Bioiberica’s rooster comb extract wins EU novel foods approval

5 Dec 2013

• It is the first ever novel food approved in Spain. It is also a world’s first, because it is the first ingredient considered useful to preserve joint health. • The rooster comb extract could be added to everyday consumption products such as milk, yoghurt or cheese. • Bioiberica will sell it under the trademark “Mobilee”. They are currently negotiating with several national and international food producing companies.

Barcelona, December 09, 2013- The European Commission authorized the use of rooster comb extract as a food ingredient in the European Union. This is the first ever novel food approved in Spain, and it has been developed by a Spanish biotech company, Bioiberica S.A. It is also a world’s first, as it is the first ever ingredient for joint care that can be added to dairy products of everyday consumption. This past week the EU’s official journal published the final statement

This authorization constitutes the positive culmination of an administrative process lasting almost three years, which began in February 2011 and which was given definitive endorsement in September of the present year, when the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) issued a favorable opinion about the security of adding rooster comb extract to milk products suitable for daily use. Simultaneously, an independent panel formed by US experts also issued a statement giving GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status to the addition of rooster comb extract to an ample range of foods and beverages. 

Potential market
It is estimated that in Europe there are more than 15 million active people aged 40-65 who suffer from joint pain. In the United States, this figure reaches 19 million. Furthermore, according to the WHO, by 2020 osteoarthritis will become the fourth most common cause of disability in the world because of the progressive aging of the population. 

“Our company, which specializes in joint care, realized years ago that joint problems should not be approached only with drugs, but also from the fields of personalized medicine and nutrition. Therefore, the next logical step was to introduce ourselves into the food industry”, said José Escaich, Bioiberica’s CEO.

Bioiberica will market the rooster comb extract under the trademark “Mobilee”. They are already negotiating with several key companies in the food industry, both national and international. “Our current challenge is that this ingredient is added to the largest possible number of everyday consumption food products, the sooner the better. The authorization from the European Commission opens new business and innovation opportunities in a growing market,” declared Mr. Escaich. 

Strategic Line of Research
During the last five years, the company carried out a number of trials testing the efficacy, stability, security and toxicity of rooster comb extract. These trials were carried out jointly with universities and research centers in Spain and abroad. The trials determined that it is a secure, stable product that does not modify the food’s smell or taste and that it might be beneficial for preserving joint health.


About Bioiberica
Bioiberica is a biotech company specialized in the research, development, production and distribution of biomolecules and new technologies for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industry. In 35 years, this company has become the first producers worldwide of non-Chinese heparin and it is one of the leading companies in the field of products and active ingredients for joint health.