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Biomarkers could be key to predict osteoarthritis progression

3 Oct 2011

Dr. Cristóbal Orellana, Associate Physician at the Service of Rheumatology of the Parc Taulí Hospital (Sabadell, Barcelona) commented that biomarkers extracted from type II collagen, a type of collagen that can be found only in the cartilage, holds great promise for diagnosing osteoarthritis, and for monitoring its treatment.

During three days in September Oviedo has been the venue of the National Congress of the Spanish Society of Orthopedic Surgeons (SECOT). Bioiberica Farma contributed a lecture on new therapeutic approaches to osteoarthritis.

The lecture by Dr. Cristóbal Orellana, associate physician at the Service of Rheumatology of the Parc Taulí Hospital (Sabadell, Barcelona), placed the focus on osteoarthritis biomarkers. Biomarkers are molecules that, when found in abnormal concentrations in the blood or urine, indicate that there is a disease. In the case of osteoarthritis, the use of these biomarkers is still in the preliminary exploration and development phase. When their use is approved, they will be used to make an early diagnose of the disease, to predict the evolution of the worst cases, to monitor the disease’s development, and to test the efficacy of a treatment.

Dr. Orellana has focused his research on biomarkers found in type II collagen. This type of collagen is the most abundant in the cartilage and can be found only in damaged cartilage. Moreover, it represents a key factor in the metabolic development of the osteoarthritis. This is why collagen biomarkers seem to hold great promise for the prediction of the disease’s development.

Osteoarthritis affects more than seven million Spaniards and costs the public administration some €4.7 million annually. Nowadays it is the most frequent joint illness. It is expected that during the coming years the number of patients suffering from osteoarthritis will duplicate because of the ageing of the world population. This is why an early detection of the disease, during the clinically silent period, could improve the treatment and life quality of patients.

Bioiberica Farma
Bioiberica Farma is the only Spanish laboratory specializing in the research and development of effective drugs to treat osteoarthritis. It specializes particularly in chondroprotection, that is, in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cartilage, synovial membrane and subchondral bone injuries.

Its expertise in the treatment of osteoarthritis has brought Bioiberica Farma to a leading position in the field of chondroprotection. This leading position is confirmed by a number of published or in-progress research papers; by the recognition of several scientific and medical societies; by the strict chemical and biological quality controls of its manufacturing process; by the quality of their products, and by the publication by BIOIBERICA of several journals specializing in chondroprotection issues.

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