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El Blog de la Condroprotección wins the “Favoritos en la red del ámbito sanitario” award in the category of best medical blog

6 Jun 2012

These prizes, which are awarded by Diario Médico, Correo Farmacéutico and DMedicina, duly acknowledges El Blog de la Condroprotección as one of the best blogs for physiciansThis online meeting point contains up-to-date information about osteoarthritis and its treatment, publications and scientific news. It also encourages the participation of specialists, thus generating a common pool of knowledge.

Blog de la Condroprotección, an online project on osteoarthritis by Bioibérica
Farma, has been recognized as one of the best sites by the “Los Favoritos en la
Red del ámbito Sanitario” awards, in the category of blogs. These prizes, which
are awarded by Diario Médico, Correo Farmacéutico and DMedicina, recognize the
sites of institutions, companies or collectives working on the development of
healthcare communication in the internet.

Blog de la Condroprotección, and its corresponding Twitter account, @condronews, were launched early in 2012 with the objective of creating a new
online space for osteoarthritis discussion and analysis. Our aim was to
encourage dialogue among healthcare professionals, generating up-to-date
content on osteoarthritis and chondroprotection, its treatment, and scientific

exhaustive analysis of the internet Bioiberica Farma came to the conclusion
that a conversation space where osteoarthritis professionals could share
experiences and learn about the latest scientific novelties was missing. El
Blog de la Condroprotección was created to address that gap. El Blog de la
Condroprotección not only disseminates information about osteoarthritis and
joint care-it also encourages debate and exchange of knowledge between
healthcare professionals.

Blog’s contents are selected and written by a specialized editorial team, that,
following strict criteria of objectivity and truthfulness, select contents
specially addressed to health professionals.

Josep Vergés, Medical and Scientific director of Bioibérica, states that “our
Blog constitutes one more step towards what should be the integral treatment of
osteoarthritis: creating and disseminating common knowledge among health
professionals, which it is essential for an efficient and early treatment of
that disease”.

About Bioibérica Farma

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis. These are the
three major pillars of Bioibérica Farma, a Spanish chemical-pharmaceutical
company funded in 1975 specializing in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Its
main activity focuses on the research and development of efficient drugs
against that disease. Also, in recent years Bioibérica Farma has placed a
strong focus in the research of personalized medicine, that is, in the
development of products that use the genetic and/or environmental information
of patients to diagnose, prevent or treat that disease. On the societal level, Bioibérica
Farma aims at improving life quality of osteoarthritis patients by reducing the
overall cost of that disease.

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