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The chondroprotection blog, awarded with the “Web Médica Acreditada” and the “Web de interés Sanitario” seals of quality

24 Aug 2012

These certifications are awarded by the Association of Physicians of Barcelona and by the website, respectively. Both organization’s committees have praised the accuracy, scientific interest and quality of Bioiberica’s Blog devoted to osteoarthritis.The chondroprotection blog has had more than 5,500 visits from 3,000 unique users within less than six months.

The Chondroprotection blog , Bioibérica Farma’s online platform specializing in osteoarthritis , has been awarded with two seals of quality-these awards endorse Bioiberica’s bid to disseminate high quality scientific content on the internet. These quality seals are awarded by the Association of Physicians of Barcelona (Web Médica Acreditada) (Web Médica Acreditada) and by the Portalesmé website (Web de Interés Sanitario) and have the objective of creating an online ring of trustworthy websites offering top-quality information and health services.

Both organizations have taken into account the accuracy and scientific news coverage of the information available in the chondroprotection blog, as well as the endorsement of a number of specialists who contribute scientific contents to it. Dr. Josep Vergés, contents coordinator and medical and scientific content director of Bioibérica, stresses that “ this website was created after an in-depth analysis of the internet –we noted the lack of an online space devoted to osteoarthritis, where professionals could share knowledge and learn about the latest scientific advances”.

Thus was born in January of the present year the chondroprotection blog, a portal not only devoted to spread information on osteoarthritis and joint protection-it also encourages the exchange of knowledge and know-how among healthcare professionals. Since its inauguration, the blog have had more than 5,500 visits from 3,000 unique users. “ Our objective is to double these figures, as well as opening our blog to new social networks ”, Dr. Vergés added.

The contents of our blog are selected and written by a specialized editorial team. They follow strict objectivity, accuracy and quality criteria, which are specifically addressed to their target audience: healthcare professionals.

About Bioibérica Farma

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis : Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis: these are the three major pillar of Bioibérica Farma, a chemical-pharmaceutical Spanish company founded in 1975 that specializes in the treatment of osteoarthritis. Their main activities focus on the research and development of efficient drugs for the treatment of that disease. However, in recent years, Bioibérica Farma has opted to strongly support personalized medicine research, that is, the development of products which, based on the genetic and/or environmental data of an individual, will help physicians to diagnose, prevent or treat a given disease. At the social level, the aim of Bioibérica Farma is to improve quality of life of osteoarthritis patients by reducing the disease’s cost.

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