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The COE’s medical service used Physicool at the Baku European Games

1 Jul 2015

The first European Games have been held in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 12 to 28 June 2015
The use of Physicool by the medical service of the Spanish Olympic Committee (COE) have helped to improve recovery and performance of our athletes

Fifty countries competed at the first European Games, which included more than 250 competitions in 20 different sports. Spain won 30 medals (8 gold, 11 silver, 11 bronze), thus placing their sportspeople among the “top ten” of the European continent.

One of the tools used by the COE medical team to improve the performance and recovery of their athletes was Physicool, Siempre en Play’s most recent product.

Members of the beach volleyball, boxing, badminton, archery and fencing teams, among others, utilized the Physicool bandage and coolant. José Luís Abajo “Pirri”, the Olympic bronze medalist in fencing at the Beijing 2008 Olympics, was one of them.

In elite sports every advantage counts-Physicool has been used both before and after competition-to refresh tired legs after the trip to arrive at the event, as well as for post-competition muscle relaxation.

Some of the most important Physicool uses were muscle recovery (to prevent muscular injuries), as well as to prevent injuries to the joints and muscles and the most common tendon injuries, such as that of the Achilles heel, knee cap or lateral epicondyle.