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The European Food Safety Authority allows Bioiberica to add rooster comb extract to food products suitable for daily consumption.

13 Sep 2013

Rooster comb extract is rich in hyaluronic acid-when consumed regularly, hyaluronic acid is healthy for the joints.

  • The Spanish biotech company plans to add this component to dairy products-they are already looking for the best national and international partner.


  • It is a world first, with which Bioiberica intends to enter the food market.


  • On the afternoon of September 12, 2013, the University Institute for Food Innovation of the Universidad Católica San Antonio, Murcia, gave Bioberica its Health and Food Innovation Award in recognition of their developments in this field.


Barcelona, September 12, 2013-The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has issued a favorable opinion about the security of adding rooster comb extract to milk products suitable for daily use. It is a new ingredient rich in hyaluronic acid, that, when regularly consumed, might be beneficial for joint healthcare.


This decision is one more step towards recognition by the European Commission of granting Novel Food status to this component, that is, as a new food suitable for human consumption that can be sold within the European Union. Thiswould be the first ever Novel Food approved and developed in Spain by a Spanish company, Bioiberica.They will launch this component under the trademark Mobilee®.


At the same time, a panel of American experts working independently have also determined that adding rooster comb extract to a large range of foods and drinks is safe, giving it the status of GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe).


“For Bioiberica, this is one more step within our overall strategy of specialization in the field of joint health. We are leaders in pharmaceutical products specially designed for osteoarthritis, and we are also in the business of sport nutrition. With Mobilee®, a worldwide novelty resulting from our commitment toresearch and innovation, we shall also access the food market,” declared Dr. José Escaich, managing director of our company.


Scientific Basis

The extract of rooster comb is an ingredient rich in hyaluronic acid (a natural component in joints which works as a lubricant, protecting and improving mobility) and other polysaccharides. “We have carried out three clinical studies that came to the conclusion that daily supplementation with rooster comb extract improves mechanical and muscular function of the joint and reducespain in people suffering from joint problems”, stated Daniel Martínez, R&D director of the Human Health Division at Bioiberica.


In several European countries, rooster combs are used in traditional cuisine-haute cuisine also uses rooster combs, which are considered a delicatessen. However, hyaluronic acid rich foods are very scarce. Only guts and rooster combs contain large amounts of that substance, and therefore it is difficult to consume then regularly. “This is why we think that adding them to daily consumption products, such as yoghurts or milk, is a way to regularly consume hyaluronic acid, so that we can help our joints to stay healthy”, explained Martínez, who added that “We are used to consuming foods containing supplements of calcium, omega-3, bifidus or vitamins that help us to stay healthy. But there are none for joints”.


Bioiberica carried out several different studies (stability, security, toxicity) that concluded that rooster comb extract is a secure, stable product that does not alter the food’s smell or taste.


“We are already working to determine the best international and national partner to collaborate in this project. We want consumers to have access to this new supplement as soon as possible”, concluded Escaich.


Health and food innovation award

On the afternoon of September 12, 2013, the University Institute in Food Innovation of the Universidad Católica San Antonio, Murcia, gave Bioibérica its Health and Food Innovation award in recognition for their development.


About Bioibérica

Bioibérica is a biotech company specializing in research, development, production and marketing of biomolecules and new technologies for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and agrochemical industries.


For more than 35 years, Bioibérica has been among the top non-Chinese heparin producers, and it is a leading company in pharmaceutical products and active ingredients for joint healthcare.