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The European University, SEMERGEN Foundation and Bioibérica are committed to research and training in arthrosis

18 Feb 2015
  • The three organisations have signed a partnership agreement as part of the "SEMERGEN-EU Department of Research into Chronicity in Primary Care"
  • The main purpose is to promote training, research and scientific activities on arthrosis: a disease affecting more than 7 million Spaniards

To promote the performance of teaching and research activities in the field of Primary Care that enable doctors to gain and maintain training, knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the management of arthrosis. This is the main purpose of the agreement that the European University of Valencia, the SEMERGEN Foundation (Spanish Society of Primary Care Physicians) and Bioibérica have signed today: an agreement that is part of the “SEMERGEN-EU Department of research into chronicity in Primary Care” launched last December.

Arthrosis is a chronic disease of the joints that affects more than seven million Spaniards and is the reason for 35% of consultations in Primary Care. This is why we are going to arrange training and research activities to help family doctors improve the quality of life of these patients”, affirms José Luis Llisterri, chairperson of SEMERGEN.

Some of the activities to be rolled out this year include the training courses in arthrosis and a variety of research projects such as the EMARTRO study (Estudio para evaluar la coMorbilidad en pacientes afectos de ARTrosis sintomática de ROdilla [study to evaluate comorbidity in patients affected by symptomatic arthrosis of the knee]) in which more than 1,100 patients with arthrosis of the knee participate, which aims to assess the health of Spanish patients afflicted by this disease. In addition, activities and campaigns will be rolled out to help prevent arthrosis.

Arthrosis has often been considered a minor complaint with no cure, something that couldn't be farther from the truth. With this partnership agreement we want to raise its profile and show our social and scientific commitment to this condition”, asserts Josep Vergés, clinical pharmacologist and medical and scientific director of Bioibérica.

In this regard, Sergio Calvo, director of the School of Doctoral Studies and Research of the European University, adds that "Our challenge is to shore up and meet the changing needs of the health sector and train its professionals in the latest techniques for the purpose of providing them with the best tools for the knowledge and management of arthrosis".