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Immunactive, a new Bioiberica product

12 Nov 2010

Immunactive is a nutritional supplement containing an exclusive formulation of nucleotides that helps stimulate the body's own defenses.
In 2009, Immunactive was launched on the Spanish market, where it has earned itself a highly favourable reception. The next step is to enter the international market.

Immunactive was presented at Vitafoods 2010 as a new product for the European market. It boosts immune response when the body's defences are under threat: in situations involving physical and mental stress, the immune system weakens, and the body is prone to colds, flu, etc.

Sportspeople about to start rigorous training or a major championship, office staff taking on an especially heavy workload, a change of season, when the weather is unsettled, insomnia or lack of rest... it is in these situations that Immunactive bolsters our body's response to infectious agents, enhancing our defences without overstimulating them.

Bioiberica has won NDI approval with a view to entering the United States market.