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From Joint Care to Health Care: Bioiberica is entering new therapeutic areas

11 Nov 2010

The Bioiberica Joint Care Division has so far focused on the therapeutic field of joint care. In recent years, however, Bioiberica has worked intensively on developing a product line aimed at immune and digestive health. Our consolidation in this area means we can widen our range of products and services:

Building on our position as Joint Care Division we are expanding into other fields and becoming a Health Care Division.

Under our new name, Bioiberica Health Care, we shall continue to grow in both therapeutic fields, while specialisation will remain the company's key growth axis.

Bioiberica Health Care will retain its focus on creating value via specialised knowledge of molecules, the doctor-patient relationship and the market. This strategy enables us successfully to undertake the process of licensing our pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and functional products internationally, in order to deliver solutions for a range of different patients and consumers.

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