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MobileeTM, the first functional ingredient for joints and mobility, was presented at the Alimentaria International Exhibition’s Innovation Day

3 May 2016
  • Mobilee™, thanks to its 60-75% hyaluronic acid content, reinforces the effects of two additional ingredients: collagen and polysaccharides 
  • Recent studies have proved that the combined action of these components multiply muscular strength by ten and lubricates joints, thus improving the patient’s mobility

The story of success of Mobilee™, Bioibérica’s, first functional food ingredient for joints and mobility, was presented at the International Food & Drink Exhibition held at Barcelona, under the title “A la Carte Foods: New Products for New Market Demands”. 

Dr. Lluís Arola, director of the CTNS (Nutrition and Health Technological Center), and Marta Masides, from Bioiberica’s Human Health R&D department, presented this functional food ingredient, which is rich in hyaluronic acid, collagen and polysaccharides  It has been proved to reinforce muscular strength, as well as providing lubrication to the joints, thus improving mobility.  

There are more than 14 million sportspersons in Spain, of which some 33% suffer from joint pain. In addition, it is calculated that joint pain might affect up to 40% of the general population. Mobilee™ is a functional food ingredient developed with the aim of improving the joint function in persons suffering from low-intensity joint pain; that is, for people in the so-called “pre-osteoarthritis” stage.  

The ageing of the general population, as well as a decrease in the consumption of foods rich in hyaluronic acid, has caused in recent years a reduction of the levels of hyaluronic acid in the Spanish population. Hyaluronic acid is the main component of Mobilee™. This component has viscoelastic and metabolic characteristics which have benefits for joints, for it reduces the friction between surfaces and favors the homeostasis of the synovial fluid.

Mobilee™’s special formulation reinforces its effects when compared to that of pure hyaluronic acid. In terms of mobility, pain and synovial effusion, Mobilee™is superior to pure hyaluronic acid due to Mobilee™’s special formulation, , the latter of which is considered a risk factor for the development of osteoarthritis. This has been demonstrated by five nutritional intervention clinical essays and by six pre-clinical trials that were presented during the technical workshop; whose aim was to highlight the value of the “new foods” currently being offered by agro-food firms, as well as the relationships with the technologies used for their manufacture.

Mobilee™ is an ingredient by Bioiberica that is already being used in several products, such as the Joint Milk Drink by Sport Life/Central Lechera Asturiana and in food supplements like Articolágeno.