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New evidence of the efficacy of Mobilee™ for the recovery of muscular function was presented at Vitafoods Europe

17 May 2016
  • Mobilee is the first functional ingredient that improves joint pain and muscle strength
  • Bioiberica was present at Vitafoods Europe, presenting their latest products: Tendofit™, Articolageno™, and Aquasorb™
  • Vitafoods Europe is the most important event of the nutritional supplement industry at the European level

This past 10 May, during the Vitafoods Europe event, hosted in Geneva (Switzerland), Dr. Daniel Martínez-Puig, head of the R&D in human health section at Bioiberica, presented the most recent Mobilee™ study, which brings new evidence of the efficacy of this ingredient for the improvement of muscular function.

The results of this study show that Mobilee™, a functional ingredient composed of hyaluronic acid, collagen and mucopolysaccharides, has great therapeutic potential for the prevention of muscle atrophy associated with conditions such as sarcopenia or loss of muscle due to aging or sedentary lifestyle.

Mobilee™ is the first functional ingredient designed specifically to improve joint healthcare and mobility. It is already found in new products such as SportLife, a joint-protecting milk drink, which our visitors were able to try in the Tasting Bar located in the exhibitors’ area.

Mobilee™ is also one of the main ingredients of Articolageno™, the nutritional supplement composed of collagen recently launched by Bioiberica. Articolageno™ is an innovative nutritional supplement that was included by the Vitafoods organizers in the new products area, along with Tendofit™, another Bioiberica ingredient composed of mucopolysaccharides, Type I collagen, Vitamin C and manganese and specifically developed to improve the health of the tendons.

The Vitafoods scientific committee selected three Bioiberica posters that included studies on the benefits of pharmaceutical grade chondroitin sulfate (such as that produced by Bioberica), Mobilee™, as well as the efficacy of our firm’s latest product, Aquasorb™, for the treatment of the symptoms caused by psoriasis and atopic dermatitis. Aquasorb combines an oral and external treatment which soothes and reduces skin outbreaks.