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New scientific evidence in osteoarthritis presented at SEFC

3 Oct 2014

Bioiberica was present at the 27th congress of the SEFC, Spanish Society of Clinical Pharmacology, which was held this past weekend at Seville. 

More precisely, there were presented eight scientific pre-clinical and clinical research papers in osteoarthritis which will be published in the “Basic & Clinical Pharmacology & Toxicology” journal. Furthermore, the company hosted an update symposium on advanced therapy.
One of the papers presented at the congress was the MOVES clinical trial, which demonstrated the strong effect of combining chondroitin sulphate and glycosamine in the treatment of knee osteoarthritis. More precisely, they presented evidence that it improves mobility and stiffness in the affected joints, decreases inflammation and therefore improves the patients’ quality of life.
They also presented the Arthrotest study, a multi-center, four-year long clinical study involving 282 primary knee OA patients, 31 Spanish healthcare centers, and professionals from different fields (rheumatologists, trauma experts, rehabilitators and general practitioners). This research project showcased Arthrotest, the world’s first genetic saliva test that can predict genetic predisposition to rapidly progressing severe knee OA. This test allows physicians to identify rapid progression, poor prognosis cases which have, therefore, an elevated risk of needing prosthetic surgery in the short term.“
Finally, they awarded a €1,000 prize to the best scientific paper on advanced therapy that was presented at the congress.