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Physicool, the cooling effect bandage for joint care, was presented at the Mutua Madrid tennis open

4 May 2015

Physicol will be available in their first aid kits of the tennis courts of the Mutua Madrid Tennis Open 

This past 1st of May, on the occasion of the Mutua Madrid Open, Siempre en Play presented their newest product, Physicool, to the physiotherapy team of the ATP. Our cool effect bandage allows tennis players to have an optimal injury recovery, by providing instant improvement for muscle, tendon and ligament inflammation.

This is why Physicool will be ready at the tennis courts’ first aid kits through the Open tournament, which lasts from 1 to 10 May, so that doctors could use it if necessary.

Tendinous injuries caused by muscle decompensation are very common among professional tennis players. These injuries are caused by constant, repetitive motion- the muscles doing them are more developed than the others, thus causing decompensation and frequent tendinopathies. The most common cases are patellar tendinopaties and that of the muscles doing the backward movement of shoulders.

Physicool provides instant improvement, thanks to a combination of cooling effect and bandage compression. Physicool may be used several times and stored without the need for refrigeration. Thanks to Physicool, tennis players accelerate their recovery process, improving muscle pain and overall performance.

The Mutua Madrid Open is the second most important clay court tournament. This event, which is one of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000, lasts 10 days, and brings together some of the best tennis players in the world.