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A review published in the journal Molecules concludes that not all chondroitin sulfate molecules are the same in terms of efficacy and safety in the treatment of osteoarthritis

6 Jul 2015
  • The article shows that there are chondroitin molecules of low efficacy and that some even produce undesired effects, such as pro-inflammatory action of the joint 
  • According to the investigators, the huge variability in the quality and origin of raw material, as well as in extraction and purification techniques, leads to molecules with different physical and chemical properties that may jeopardise the efficacy and safety of the end products 
  • Bioiberica’s chondroitin sulfate guarantees a robust molecule, a consistent and traceable manufacturing process, and demonstrated efficacy and safety in more than 20 studies and 14 million patients treated

Chondroitin sulfate has been shown to have a beneficial effect on the symptoms and evolution of osteoarthritis, as revealed in a recent international review published in the journal Molecules[1]. The article pinpoints the different biological effects that different chondroitin molecules may have and that some could even lead to the appearance of undesired effects.

The thesis of the study is that not all chondroitin sulfate molecules on the market are the same: “Chondroitin sulfate products can be derived from a range of animal tissues, which could lead to products having different structures; and a variety of extraction and purification techniques can be used, resulting in different content, composition, purity, biological effects, clinical efficacy and safety.” Furthermore, the investigators would like to see regulation in place to prevent the use of poor quality chondroitin as it could lead to the appearance of an effect other than the one intended: “Of importance, although some showed anti-inflammatory effects, others demonstrated weak effects, and some instances were even pro-inflammatory. This could be related to contaminants, which depend on the origin, production and purification process”, affirms the article. 

In this regard, Bioiberica wishes to state that its chondroitin sulfate is the only one on the market guaranteeing a robust molecule, its own consistent and traceable manufacturing process, with exhaustive safeguards in place, that it follows pharmaceutical manufacturing standards, and that, therefore, it leads to a reliable end product that has shown clinical efficacy and safety in over 20 clinical trials and 14 million patients treated worldwide. “After more than ten years’ experience with this molecule, we remain committed to research and science and we continue to gather evidence that our chondroitin sulfate is an effective and safe treatment for osteoarthritis patients”, affirms Dr Josep Vergés, clinical pharmacologist and medical and scientific director at Bioiberica. 

It is calculated that there are 40 million Europeans and 30 million Americans suffering from osteoarthritis; a chronic disease of the joints that causes pain, restrictions in mobility and a significant loss of quality of life.