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The SECA and Bioibérica Farma create the Innova Awards for excellence in the management and healthcare quality in osteoarthritis

26 Jun 2012

The aim of these awards is to recognize innovative projects that contribute to improve disease management and attention to osteoarthritis patients.Candidates should submit their projects before September 30, 2012. The two awards, which include a 20,000 Euro prize each, will be given next November 8th, in an award ceremony hosted during the Annual Congress of the SECA.

The Spanish Society of Healthcare Quality
(Sociedad Española de Calidad Asistencial, SECA) and Bioibérica Farma have
created the Innoba prizes for excellence in the management and healthcare
quality in osteoarthritis. These awards aim to recognize those projects
contributing to improve the management of that disease and the quality of
attention given to osteoarthritis patients. This competition is open to public
or private bodies and to professionals living in Spain that are working on
innovative projects for osteoarthritis treatment. The award committee will
assess the social impact of the projects presented, its ability to innovate, far-reaching
consequences, results achieved so far, and overall consistency.

“We are convinced that there are a
wealth of experiences and simple but effective programs focused on improving
osteoarthritis management out there. Osteoarthritis is a major cause of visits
to primary care physicians and rheumatologists because of the loss of life
quality it causes. These awards aim at spreading knowledge about these projects
and create a common knowledge database
,” said Dr. Manel Santiñá, general
secretary of the SECA. 

The Innoba awards include two different
categories. Each of these categories is awarded a 20,000 Euro prize. The projects
can be submitted online throughout until September 30, 2012. Anyone interested in
participating might also consult the competition rules at that website. The
winners will be announced before October 15, 2012. The awards ceremony will be
held on November 8th, 2012, at the Euskalduna Palace, Bilbao, during
the 30th Congress of the SECA.

According to Bioibérica’s general manager,
Dr. Jose Escaich, “these awards intend to open new ways towards a goal we all
share: excellence in Healthcare. At Bioibérica we are fully aware that
improving disease management means focusing on improving the patient’s quality
of life”.

About the SECA

The Spanish Society of Healthcare Quality
is a scientific, multi disciplinary society whose mission is to foment and
encourage constant improvement in healthcare within the national health system.

Its main objective is to raise awareness
about healthcare quality. Therefore, they focus their efforts to encourage all
professionals, coming from different areas of expertise, scientific societies,
national associations and all types of professional associations to commit
themselves to the constant improvement of their knowledge of quality healthcare,
as well as to that knowledge into the daily medical practice. Their other
objective would be to work along politicians and managers towards implementing
durable quality programs in the healthcare centers.

About Bioibérica Farma

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of
osteoarthritis. These are the three major pillar of Bioibérica Farma, a
chemical-pharmaceutical Spanish company founded in 1975 that specializes in the
treatment of osteoarthritis. Their main activities focus on the research and
development of efficient drugs for the treatment of that disease. However, in
recent years, Bioibérica Farma has opted to strongly support personalized
medicine research, that is, to develop products which, based on the genetic
and/or environmental data of an individual, will help physicians to diagnose,
prevent or treat a given disease. At the social level, the aim of Bioibérica
Farma is to improve quality of life of osteoarthritis patients by reducing the
disease’s cost.


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