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semFYC and Bioibérica Farma join forces to boost the Programa de Actividades Comunitarias en Atención Primaria (PACAP)

26 Oct 2011

* Scientific and educational activities and the dissemination of information on communal activities will be the two main pillars of the agreement.* The objectives of the PACAP are to encourage healthy lifestyles, disseminate information related to health issues, and to improve the quality of life and the social welfare level of the population.

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Barcelona, October 24, 2011- The semFYC (Spanish Society of Family and Community Medicine), and Bioiberica Farma signed this morning a collaboration agreement intended to give a boost to the PACAP or Programa de Actividades Comunitarias en Atención Primaria (Program of Primary Care Community Activities of the semFYC). The objective of this collaboration is to organize and carry out scientific and educational, formative and professional training activities within the field of family and community medicine.

The creation of the PACAP was authorized in 1996 by the managing committee of the semFYC. Since then, the PACAP has carried out a number of activities aiming at improving health, quality of life and social welfare. They created the Red de Actividades Comunitarias (Community Activities Network) to facilitate contacts and information exchange between groups performing community activities. The specialized education of primary care specialists and the dissemination of information are the main objectives of this program, which is now jointly supported by the semFYC and by Bioibérica Farma. One of the first consequences to come out of this agreement will be a scientific symposium on the need of new therapeutic approaches to osteoarthritis, to be held in Madrid on November 17-18, 2011. The symposium will put the focus on the current therapeutic trends and on the new emerging technologies being applied to the treatment of osteoarthritis.

The president of the semFYC, Dr. Josep Basora, considered the agreement “highly positive, because it gives a boost to the community activities being carried out by the semFYC. He also considers this agreement a good way to inaugurate the collaboration between the semFYC and Bioiberica. The semFYC collaborates regularly with a number of institutions with the common objective of improving the professionals’ continued training in clinical practice and to further develop family medicine. The agreement will give an impulse to community activities. It will also allow for a more in depth approach to osteomuscular diseases, which are highly prevalent in primary care.

In turn, the general manager of Bioibérica, Josep Escaich, declared that “with the signature of this agreement, we intend to put at the disposal of the semFYC our scientific research capabilities and our social commitment in order to bolster the program of community activities as well as the new therapeutic approaches to osteoarthritis”.

About the semFYC
The semFYC organization comprises the seventeen Community and Family Medicine Societies existing in Spain, with more than 20,000 family physicians. It is organized into councils, sections, committees, work groups and specific programs, all of them working together towards the improvement and development of family medicine in Spain. 

About Bioibérica Farma
Bioiberica Farma is the only Spanish laboratory specializing in research and development of drugs efficient in the treatment of osteoarthritis. To be more precise, BIOIBERICA specializes in chondroprotection, that is, in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cartilage, synovial membrane and subchondral bone injuries.

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