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Siempre en Play joint healthcare Corner at the Barcelona Marathon

13 Mar 2015

The Siempre en Play specialists will provide advice and carry out practical demonstrations on how to prevent joint injuries and improve sporting performance

Artroactive, Tendoactive, Physicool, Hialsorb and Arthrotest will be present at the next Barcelona Marathon-at the Siempre en Play’s booth at the Runners’ Fair. This is one of the major events in the European running, trail and triathlon sector. Its 2015 edition will hosts close to 200 exhibitors, with more than 60,000 attendees expected. At the Siempre en Play booth there will be practical demonstrations on the use of Physicool for anyone interested in trying this state-of-the-art product that combines cold and compression for the treatment of injuries.

The booth will also offer information on the Siempre en Play range of products, which are focused on the sportsperson joint healthcare, bringing benefits for the prevention and treatment of tendinopathies and the most common joint injuries among runners.

The prevention of joint injuries is one of the prime concerns for sportspersons, especially for those practicing high intensity sports such as long distance running.

Correct prevention measures includes a nutrition adequate for the protection of joints and tendons. The latest trends in the prevention and treatment of injuries is a combination of eccentric, concentric and isometric exercises with supplements rich in specific nutrients, aiming at reducing recovery time to a minimum.

One month after the “la Mitja” challenge, the Barcelona Marathon will take place this Saturday, March 14th, with approximately 20,000 participants. This event, apart from attracting some of the best long distance runners of the world, it is also a unique opportunity for running lovers. The Saturday’s race will be enjoyed by even the youngest runners-the Kid’s Race is the novelty of this year’s edition.