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Siempre en Play at the symposium on therapeutic management of chondropathies

27 Feb 2015
  • This was the first symposium on sports medicine organized by the collaboration between the Catalan Sports Council and Apunts journal
  • Leading experts in sports medicine and physiotherapy met today at the seat of the Catalan Sports Council


Cartilage injuries are some of the most frequent injuries in sportspersons. Although the medical profession has, in recent years, developed a wide range of therapeutic strategies that have managed to improve the sportsperson’ recovery, these injuries are still hard to detect. 

The therapeutic approach taken towards chondral injuries is of key importance with regard to recovery time and consultants in sports practice therapy confirm that visits in this regard are highly frequent. These visits have little success if they are not followed by additional assessment.

The main aim of these symposia is to follow a specific approach towards the chondral injury and to teach about the latest existing advances in treating these injuries. Towards that end, the symposia will include with noted professionals of sports medicine and leading physiotherapists.

Artroactive is Siempre en Play’s product dedicated exclusively to the treatment and prevention of cartilage injuries or chondropathies. This, and other products in the joint healthcare area, will be presented at a booth during the first day of Sports Medicine.

For further information on the program you can check the following link.