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Siempre en Play was at the ESADE symposium on physiotherapy and sport

16 Feb 2015
  • Fisiofocus, training center for physiotherapists and physiotherapy students, hosted this symposium in collaboration with Siempre en Play, RehabMedic and Compex.
  • Top level healthcare professionals attended this training symposium that lasted a whole day, from 08:30 am to 07:30 pm. 

The symposium dealt with topical issues such as physiotherapy for elite sportspersons, the types of injuries for different parts of the body, tendinopathies, prevention, rehabilitation and restarting sports practice after an injury.

Participants got firsthand knowledge of the Siempre en Play range of products: Tendoactive, Artroactive, Hialsorb and Physicool were present at the exhibitor’s area of the event sponsors.

The Siempre en Play range for joint healthcare is the ideal complement for physiotherapists involved in the treatment of sportspersons’ tendon and joint injuries, for they cover from the prevention of the most common injuries, to restart exercising after an injury. These products have been designed both for professionals as well as for amateur sportspersons, so that they can focus solely on overcoming their next challenge.

For more details on the Physiotherapy and Sport symposium, the complete program can be downloaded from this link.