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Sports medicine and sports injuries in triathlon

23 Feb 2015

During the 9th Course on sports medicine and trauma hosted by the Spanish Federation of Sports Medicine (FEMEDE), Doctor Fernando Jiménez Díaz presented his latest study on the efficacy of Tendoactive

Siempre en Play was present at the ninth edition of the Course on sports medicine and trauma held at Toledo, Spain, on 20-21 February 2015. More precisely: at the round table on sports medicine and sport injuries in triathlon, Dr. Fernando Jiménez Díaz, a sports medicine specialist, presented his study entitled “Efficacy of a type I Collagen, C Vitamin and muccopolysaccaride-based nutritional supplement, associated with physical therapy, in the treatment of Achiles tendinopathy”. 

According to this study, nutritional supplements like Tendoactive contribute added benefits to a eccentric training- based treatment for the Achilles tendinopathy,  a very common injury among triathletes (an estimate 30-50 percent of triathletes suffer from this injury).

Tendoactive is a nutritional supplement that provides athletes with the supplementation they need (in combination with eccentric training), during the early stages of injury. Moreover, it can be used as a combined treatment along with passive stretching supervised by a physiotherapist. 

The attendees to this year’s edition of the Course on sports medicine and trauma hosted by FEMEDE had the opportunity to know all the details of this study during the roundtable that was held on February 20th at 18:30 at the Cultural Center of Caja Castilla La Mancha, at the Benacazón palace in Toledo.

The Course on Sports Medicine and Trauma is endorsed by  the University of Castilla la Mancha (Faculty of Sports Sciences), by the San Antonio University from Murcia (Cathedra of Musculoskeletal imaging and Cathedra of sports trauma), by the Spanish Society of Sports Trauma (SETRADE) and by the Spanish Society of general practitioners and familial physicians (Castilla la Mancha).