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Therapeutic consensus for muscle repair in sports

18 Mar 2015

Siempre en Play will be sponsoring the CEMTRO Clinic symposium 

Injuries to the muscles or tendins are the most frequent injuries in sports practice. In these injuries, selecting the correct treatment protocol is the key for proper recovery of the sportsperson, preventing injury recurrence or even more serious injuries.

On this upcoming 21st of March, noted experts in sports medicine will meet to discuss the current trends in the treatment of muscular injuries at the consensus symposium that will be held at the events hall of the CENTRO Clinic in Madrid.

The symposium, which will last from 09:00 to 14:00, will be hosted by Dr. Pedro Guillén, founder of the CEMTRO Clinic and introducer of arthroscopy in Spain.

During the symposium, experts in trauma and sports medicine will discuss the different mechanisms involved in sport-related muscular injuries in order to create a consensus protocol for muscular repair.

Siempre en Play is one of the sponsors of this symposium, which will deal with several issues: from biochemical mechanisms involved in muscular injuries to stages of clinical recovery, and ultrasound-based diagnostics.

Physicool is one of the novel solutions from Siempre en Play for the treatment of injuries in soft tissues. This cooling bandage is ideal for the treatment of inflammation, for it uses the RICE technique: Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. The combination of cold, compression and support provided by Physicool not only improves pain, but also reduces the sportspersons’ recovery time.

Physicool and the rest of the Siempre en Play range of products for joint healthcare will be present at the exhibitor’s area.