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Bioiberica sponsors the renowned Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans

28 Sep 2021

The 28th Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans, an internationally renowned scientific event focusing on glycosaminoglycans, will be sponsored by Bioiberica, which will also be present at the event as a global life sciences company specialising in the extraction and development of biomolecules for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries.

Following the suspension of the event last year due to the pandemic, this year's edition of the Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans will take place on the Venetian island of San Servolo, Italy, from 27-29 September. The event, organised by the Instituto G. Ronzoni, will be attended by specialists from all over the world to discuss various topics of interest and issues in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry, biology and pharmacology, as well as in the clinical applications of heparin and other glycosaminoglycans.

Among the new additions to the symposium this year are sessions dedicated to glycosaminoglycans research and discoveries regarding heparin applications in the context of COVID-19. There will also be spaces focusing on subjects of interest to the sector, related to biosynthesis, structural characterisation and protein interactions, biological functions and pharmaceutical and clinical aspects, including anti-inflammatory and anti-tumour activity. The format of the symposium will be hybrid, allowing both attendance in person and also virtually, but always by invitation.

A leading heparin company

As one of the leading companies in the global production of the active pharmaceutical ingredient heparin, the most widely used anticoagulant drug in the world, Bioiberica will be present at the symposium for the twelfth time, with both its R&D and its Heparin Science teams.

Thanks to its years of experience, scientific rigour and safety guarantees, Bioberica is currently a benchmark in the production of Heparin API with the highest standards of quality, traceability and safety.

Bioiberica's presence at the 28th Symposium on Glycosaminoglycans is an opportunity to establish collaboration agreements with companies and institutions interested in promoting new scientific developments related to glycosaminoglycans and in exploring new applications and projects related to heparin.

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