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Format: 08/12/2022
3 Mar 2020
  • The company maintains, for another year, the "Good” rating
14 Feb 2020
  • The papers describe the use of various raw materials in cell regeneration and their regulatory aspects
15 Apr 2019
  • The Profarma committee released their ratings for the pharmaceutical sector firms
  • Bioiberica keeps the “good” rating within the A Group (those companies with significant research activity and having their own production plant or basic/pre-clinical R&D center)
24 Apr 2017
  • How can diet improve the quality of life of patients with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)? This question, central to the public-private partnership (PPP) launched in early April, will be investigated by seven international partners, among which is Bioiberica
9 May 2016
  • This nutritional compound, of animal origin, has already achieved positive results in ten pre-clinical studies 
  • According to the data obtained until now, the intake of this compound can help preserve different types of memories, thanks to a novel neuro-protection mechanism