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“By feeding the sow, we feed the piglet”

17 Apr 2015
Animal Nutrition

Feeding sows during gestation and until weaning is essential for producing high quality piglets, with better viability, greater weight and improved immunity. The key element: nucleotides.

Antonio López Ariño, Veterinary and Technical Director of AGRONSELLA
It’s fabulous to see how these animals have grown. You see: well, they’re fatter, you can see that they’re fatter, they’re bigger, and there are fewer undersized animals, that’s another important point. If there are fewer smaller piglets you can see that the majority are better.

3 months earlier... Bioibérica is setting up a study in this farm in Undués de Lerda (Zaragoza, Spain)

Elisabet Borda, Manager, Animal Nutrition R+D, Bioibérica

Bioibérica has been working for many years now on nucleotides, we know their mechanisms of action but we have always been focussing on young animals, and in the case of swine, on the litters. But, what happens when we take a step back and look at the sows that are gestating these litters?

We wanted to see if the health of the piglets could be improved by changing the feeding of the gestating sows.

The aim of the study was to evaluate the effects or efficacy of nucleotides when administered in the diet of gestating mothers.

Antonio Palomo Yagüe, Director, Swine Division, SETNA NUTRICIÓN - InVivo NSA

Nucleotides act in cell replication processes. The piglet’s intestine, the intestinal mucosa changes every 24-36 hours, so rapid cell replication is essential. A piglet grows 1000% faster than a baby and rapid cell replication is essential, and we want that to happen in the most natural, biological way.

Mothers received a nucleotide supplement from the last week of gestation until the end of weaning.

By feeding the sow, we feed the piglet. And when that piglet is weaned, it has better immunity, better viability, better growth, less mortality and then, logically, it is more profitable.

Piglets from sows fed with nucleotides grew 50 g more every day.

Feeding sows with nucleotides increases the nucleotide concentration in breast milk and improves piglets health

Antonio López Ariño, Veterinary and Technical Director of AGRONSELLA
By trying this product, I could see for myself that with no intervention or management of the piglets, and without having to do anything special with them at all... I am amazed to see that giving them a product that you just give in with their feed, which is no bother at all, it’s just the normal way, and it’s not affected at all by the farmer, it’s just fabulous to see how these animals have grown.

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