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Family Day Bioiberica

8 Nov 2019

Bioiberica opened the doors to its Palafolls production centre for employee friends and family. More than 700 people had the chance to visit the different production plants, central offices, and learn more about the company’s activity and its positive impact on society.

"Bioiberica’s Industrial Centre (Palafolls, Barcelona)"

Martina Ursueguía Rocabert- My mom works at Bioiberica and today there was an open house so families could learn about Bioiberica and my mom told me I could come so I came.

Leo Huguet- It's great you show it since my dad's been working here for ages and I've never been able to see it.

"For hours, the factory was a big party"

Lucía Lacruz- I really liked the lab because I think it’s really big and I think they can research lots of things.

Pau Campabadal- The table football!

Paula Heras- To see where my dad works.

"More than 700 people participated in the open house"

Jordi Trascastro- It was fun, special, my family was excited to see the plants, where we work.

Laura Vicente- It was over in a flash, I would have stayed all day because I saw colleagues I don't all year and I work a lot with them and the kids had a great time.