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Goal Hawaii (I): a sporting challenge of the whole company

1 Sep 2015

19 teams from Bioibérica, comprising company personnel and their families, have set themselves a new sports challenge: to take part in the triathlon relays to be held in Hawaii in 2016. But first they need to complete four European events: the Barcelona, Ametlla de Mar, Arrecife and Cannes triathlons. 10 tough months ahead of them ... the goal: Hawaii!

 7 am, 19 July 2015:  Barcelona Triathlon  

Nerea Abad: Today we're doing a relay triathlon, so swimming will be 750 metres, the person who cycles will do 20 kilometres and there are 5 kilometres of running.

Víctor Vélez: I'll be swimming today and I've been preparing for it for around two weeks. I've been 3 or 4 times all up and I hope to do really well today. It looks like it's going to be tough because there are lots of people and they all look very professional, but I think I'm ready.

Vicente Torres: 5 kilometres in a single lap, there and back, 5 kilometres; the last to leave will be the one who suffers most from the heat; I hope the weather's good today but it looks like it'll be hot, especially for the person running.

1st stage: 750 metres swimming


Inés Mestre: It was good, loads of people; lots of people bumping into you but because you knew you didn't have to keep going you could give it your all ... more than what I'm used to and I was being bumped into a lot.

2nd stage: 20 kilometres cycling

 Francisco Javier González: Well on the curves down people were charging ahead and going a bit crazy but anyway .... Problems? your legs are exhausted.

3rd stage: 5 kilometres running

Daniel Sánchez: When I reached the finishing line it said 01:23; you have to discount about 15 minutes which is when the professional race starts but yeah, ok, we calculate one-hour-eight, one-hour-nine, it was ok. Considering we're still training it was ok, it was good, like always.

Tomás Vázquez: It was harder than I expected because I hadn't put the training in and it was very hot, but anyway it's over now, at least this first stage towards Hawaii is finished.