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Goal Hawaii (II): Ametlla de Mar Triathlon

22 Oct 2015

Second event to reach our goal: getting to Hawaii. This time the Bioiberica teams are competing in the Olympic Triathlon held in Ametlla de Mar. They'll have to swim 1.5 km, cycle 40 km, and complete a 10-k run. A new team challenge.

L’Ametlla de Mar, Tarragona

Pablo Ramírez: We're in l'Ametlla de Mar, ready to take part in the triathlon with our teams, and this is the second event to take us straight to Hawaii.

Cándido Marín: What's it going to involve? God knows what it's going to involve! It's supposed to be a 40 minute swim, without a float, maybe more, and we're going to enjoy it.

Marta Carrión: It was pretty tough going, a really rough sea, the buoys nearly set us off course and there were a few jellyfish. It was difficult, but there you go.

José María Serrano: You think you can do this run at a great pace, but then you get to the steep bits and you say: this isn't what I thought... and you learn to breathe and everything. I thought I knew, but I actually learnt today.

Jaume Reguant: It went better than I expected. Ana made really good time in the water, then I did the ride (there were a few tough climbs, but never mind), which was really good, better than I thought it would be. Pablo did really well too, better than we thought.

Eduard Mas: The team started well, the swim was really tough because it was very windy and the water was choppy, but we managed a fast relay. David had a really great ride, very fast, and I didn't do so well as it was so sunny.

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