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Goal Hawaii (III): Lanzarote Triathlon

11 Nov 2015

We fly to Lanzarote to take part in the third part of our challenge: the Ocean Lava Triathlon at Olympic distance. On this trip, the 14 teams of Bioiberica will also have to confront some very adverse weather conditions... Will they do it?

13.00- Leave for Lanzarote to participate in the Ocean Lava Triathlon.

17.00 - The plane is diverted to Fuerteventura because of a storm.

Andraitx Brunet: They have sent us to Fuerteventura and kept us waiting there for a couple of hours without knowing what would happen.

David Roca: Seven hours inside a plane. We’ve done two islands in an afternoon and it could have been worse.

20:00 – We finally arrived at Arrecife.

Carlos Martín: Complete anguish. We didn’t know if we could compete tomorrow, let’s face it, we’ve been days without sleep, and then finally it’s going to take place.

Cristina Martínez- organizer Objective: Hawaii: At last, we’ve arrived and it seems the day is holding up, more or less. In the end the sea trial is called-off but the swimmers can run and the rest of the trials will be the same, so we’re hoping the weather holds until the finish. 

The truth is that for years the company has encouraged staff to take on sporting challenges, to exceed ourselves, to know ourselves better and to surpass the dreams and little challenges we’d made for ourselves, so everyone is really happy and excelling at things they never thought possible.

Manel Carrión- organizer Objective: Hawaii: They are here because they’re courageous, because they want to compete and because nothing scares them. On this occasion, we wanted, at least those of us who’d resolved to, to compete in a team activity in which everyone has to be committed, from the first member to the third. 

Enric Zamorano - cyclist: It’s been a bit hard, a fairly demanding circuit and well, I’ve had a problem, got a puncture and did what I could. Even so, the runner has made up all of the time that I’d lost.

David Heras - cyclist: Really difficult because of the weather. It’s rained quite a bit, been really windy and the road surface was a bit dicey, but hey, we finished and so on to the next one.

Eva Martínez - swimmer: Really good. I’d never run and the two and a half k was a little tough, but still, you get the strength from wherever you can.

All the teams have met the challenge!

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