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Safety week in Bioiberica

3 Sep 2018

Protecting and promoting employee and collaborator healthcare is an essential requirement for Bioibérica. For one week each year, different drills are organized both in the industrial area as well as in the offices in order to practice situations included in the company's Self-Protection Plan. The result? We'll tell you in this story...

"Mock emergency drill at Bioiberica"

PACO MAGAÑA - Unit Manager of the Solvent Rectification Service  

We conducted a practical exercise with the water conditioning systems that we have and part of the foams that we have in the solvent basins, and, by chance we were unloading a truck with pure acetone and we also tested our entire water safety arch.

GONZALO ARZA - Workplace Risk Prevention and Safety Manager in Bioibérica Today is the day that we dedicate to emergency drills. Every year, we dedicate one day in each of our centres spread across the world to these drills. The most important centre, the one here in Palafolls, allows us to do a series of very specific exercises in emergency matters.

Laura Vicente - Participant in the drill

I was in the office in the back and I ensured that the person in the office next to mine also left and then toward the front we advised Jaume, in logistics...

GONZALO ARZA - Workplace Risk Prevention and Safety Manager in Bioibérica

Very well done. Someone has to take care of certain things: verify, close, but also extinguish and count again, OK?

GONZALO ARZA - Workplace Risk Prevention and Safety Manager in Bioibérica

The company's primary objective is for all of us, the people who work here, both those of us who do it every day as well as those that come from the outside, such as contractors, to have a healthy and safe work environment. We don't anyone to get hurt, no matter how slightly, even more so if it's serious, and of course we ensure that the environment is the most favourable and friendly possible in this sense.

The most important aspect in this case and what we have integrated well is that safety is an issue for everyone, from the first person to the last.

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This year has been full of intensity, marked by a complicated socioeconomic context, but our attitude has been exemplary and has brought us closer together as a team. We want to appeal to the motivation that moves us every day at Bioiberica and that causes us to generate positive impacts on the h