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Agility: sports, education and fun for owners and dogs

13 Jan 2016
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Making sure that your dog is obedient is not always an easy task. Training or sports classes such as Agility can help us achieve this in a fun way while practising sports at the same time. We visit the Club de Agility Ciutat Comtal in Barcelona and they explain the secrets to strengthening the bonds of friendship with our pets.

Club de Agility Ciutat Comtal (Barcelona)

Josep Miquel Catalán- owner of Bruno: This is Bruno, he's now two years old. We adopted him, he was found in a dump, a landfill, he had been abandoned and mistreated, he was afraid of everyone - children, people, no one could come close to him. So we enrolled here, we saw the information on the club, the training, the education, etc. and look.

Carles Fortuny- President and Trainer of the Club de Agility Ciutat Comtal: Normally when people come here at the beginning they're looking to become closer, to form a stronger bond with their dog through obedience.

Juan Horrillo- owner of Randal: Randal is 10 years old, he was a rescue dog. A dog breeder had him and he gave the dog to us. So I got him when he was 9 months old but it turned out that they had never put a collar on him, he didn't know how to do anything, it was very difficult to begin with this in agility.

Carles Fortuny- Agility is a sport which consists of guiding the dog through a series of regulated obstacles in the shortest time possible with no mistakes. It thus creates a special bond between owner and dog.

Juan Horrillo- He wears himself out in Agility. You can have him here for two hours running. He continues running and barking here until he falls onto the floor. But you've seen that he barks and he wants to eat everything.

Josep Miquel Catalán- They learn to follow you a little bit, to have you as an representative figure, to know that you will take them where they need to go and that everything you do is for their good. And, most importantly, they learn to play, to have fun and to empathise with you.

Carles Fortuny- Dogs love it when you reward them, just like the whole world. So we always use prizes for training, obedience..., to reward all the dog's good behaviours. If you reward your dog with interesting prizes, the dog tends to work more and more happily. The dog tends to want to perform the action again and to be rewarded again, which is important.

Josep Miquel Catalán- To everyone who loves dogs, to have fun with their dogs, to do activities with them. Don't miss out, it's really fun and you'll really enjoy it.

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